Typical Projects

Data Base Application Development

GBL Consulting provides specialised data base tools for clients such as drawing registers, contact management, job control and asset life cycle planning tools.  Each application is designed to meet the customers particular needs rather than just offering a standard set of solutions.

Web Site Support

GBL Consulting has been assisting a number of organizations with the ongoing maintenance of their web sites. This has included the updating of content and the development of database tools to collect and deliver updated content.

Infrastructure Appraisal

Drawing on the experience in developing the Facility Condition Index concept a maintenance prioritization framework has been developed for use by large portfolio owners such as the Defence Department. The prioritization assists the orderly planning of work identified during an asset appraisal program.

Maintenance Tender Management

The Australian Defence Department obtains maintenance services for its large portfolio of facilities via Comprehensive Maintenance Contracts. Graeme has participated in the management of the tender process and the technical evaluation of many of these tenders in conjunction
with Strategic Facility Services.

Facility Condition Index

The Canadian Department of National Defence (DND) has established a performance measurement framework to improve the ongoing management of their extensive portfolio of facilities. GBL Consulting developed the concept framework for the implementation of a Facility Condition Index (FCI) to be used for individual facilities and then aggregated to give a condition index for groups of facilities.

Performance Based Maintenance

The application of performance based maintenance to buildings and facilities is now a common practice for large portfolio owners in Australia following a major initiative undertaken by the Department of Defence a few years ago.  Graeme Lowe, the Managing Director of GBL Consulting, played a significant part in the development and implementation of this performance based approach to maintenance through his role in the principal maintenance supply organization working with Defence.

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